Haystack rock where the Goonies navigate the map

Haystack Rock can be seen in the opening scene of The Goonies, when the Fratellis are fleeing from the police and then enter a race on the beach. It can be seen in the background.

Later in the film you can see the Haystack Rock again when Mikey is pointing out some rocks in the distance.

Took this picture while on vacation of Haystack Rock featured in movies such as the Goonies. #Oregon #PacificOcean pic.twitter.com/CrIzcrjUlc

— Sammy (@oesfreelancing) August 19, 2016

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Goonies House

This has become a famous house in Astoria and it seems to retain its original build. The house that we see here is the same as what we saw in the movie Goonies.

It’s been said that Steven Spielberg will be making Goonies 2 and I am quite sure the same house will be featured in the movie again.

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